Criminal Defense

Jim Derouin is not a criminal lawyer, but he works with them on complex environmental cases to make sure that your position is correctly understood and defended.

Defended Criminal Case Involving Waste Disposal

Represented a large manufacturer in one of the largest environmental criminal cases on record. The case involved the disposal of disputed hazardous waste without manifests, a federal grand jury and an internal investigation. Hundreds of thousands of pages of documents were provided to a joint federal/state prosecution team. Led negotiations aimed at the resolution of the civil enforcement claims.

Defended Criminal Case Involving Pesticide Disposal

Represented a chemical company during a criminal investigation before a federal grand jury relating to the disposal of pesticides. The client had an impressive compliance manual and had implemented computerized procedures to provide for the return of any pesticides that became spoiled. Regardless, several employees evaded company policies and gave away “spoiled” product to a customer. The Environmental Protection Agency impounded the product and a lengthy federal criminal investigation followed. Oversaw and participated in an internal investigation to determine the facts and represented the company before federal prosecutors.

Defended Criminal Case Involving Wastewater Disposal

Represented a client involved in the recycling of water tangential to the operation of an adjacent manufacturing facility. The client became overwhelmed by the amount of water delivered to it and several of its employees were discovered discharging excess wastewater onto adjacent desert land. Oversaw and participated in the internal investigation of the activity.

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