My association with Jim as an officer of a major trade association was both enjoyable and very productive. Jim has the knack of keeping us focused on the real issues and was there to address them. Reflecting on those days, I say you left with the highest honors . . . as a leading environmental lawyer. He crafted a water quality law that became the model for other states across the nation. This was a remarkable job as well as memorable. He had to bring some in industry to the table dragging their feet and were not about to yield to the environmentalists and the regulators. And the greens were not about to give up their stringent demands. Jim’s vision and negotiating skills rescued the situation. Agreement was reached. The bill was drafted and under his guidance sailed through the legislature. Wow.

I would be remiss if I did not mention one more of Jim’s outstanding qualities . . . and that is respect. He is a highly respected man and lawyer . . . always true to his word and honorable in his professional conduct.

Director of Public Affairs Major Paper Manufacturer