In the life of environmentally sensitive cities, there have been occasions when the proverbial wastewater hits the fan. And when this collision creates environmental issues exposing your municipality to the full brunt of sanctions that a state or federal environmental agency can impose, it is people like Jim Derouin that you immediately think to call. Jim doesn’t play the role of a “hired gun” in solving sensitive environmental problems. Instead he serves as a navigator who knows the landscape of state and federal environmental agencies and is able to use his well-honed analytical and negotiation skills to chart a course toward an effective solution.

Jim recognizes that often the environmental issues his clients are facing require his availability at almost any moment. In working with Jim, I have always been amazed at his accessibility, especially in light of the fact that I know how much he is in demand. The other thing I like about Jim is that he works for a permanent solution and not just a quick fix. And in making sure that the solution is permanent he operates under the premise that the devil is in the details. In wrapping up a job, he is thorough in his efforts to insure that any settlement agreement is airtight. In sum, when it comes to environmental law, Jim is every municipal lawyer’s lawyer.

City Attorney